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KMG "Success Kit" Assembly instructions
"000" Deep Body
Sound Clips
Guitar Binding Channel Routing System © v2
plus top and back overhang trimmer
Art work -- Allan Reid Ann Arbor MI
Bridge Setter©
SS Bridge Clamp©
IA Binding Router attachment©   
Mega Mold /  Universal Contour Fixture©   
Stand Alone Universal Contour Fixture©
Multi-Style Guitar Mold©   
"Masterwork Guitar Mold System"©  
"Masterwork Cam Clamp Kit"©  
"Pro's Preferred"©  Professional Guitar Mold Kits
Construction Articles
Rim Assembly
Top or Back Jointing ---- glue up fixture
Gluing the top -- Braces through sides method
Manual fretting procedure
Gluing the back -- Braces through method
Trimming  the Top or Back Edges -- Flapper wheel method
Fitting the neck to the body  --- The Basics -- Parts that match  
Fitting the neck to the body  --- KMG Neck set  --- Part #1
Fitting the neck to the body  --- KMG Neck set  --- Part # 2
Making A Guitar Nut --- The "Zero zero fret" Method
KMG "Success Kit" Assembly instructions
Tips and Techniques
Alternative to a radius contouring disk
Binding Scraper
Top and Back brace vacuum clamp
Making a Bridge mask
"X" Brace overlap joint cutting  tool
Side bending  "low cost" set up
Handy Gadgets
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Fret Dressing using "Essential tools" that don't break the bank
Making "Perfect" guitar side profile templates   
How to make a compensated saddle
Many Martin and Gibson styles available

The Acoustic Guitar Construction
Forum is one of the very best
resources on the Internet for guitar
makers at all levels. Unlike the social
style guitar forums that typically have
many scattered, sometimes
unrelated topics, the AGC forum is
focused on helping kit and scratch
builders construct the finest guitar
within their means.  We invite you to
stop by and register to meet some of
the most talented amateur and
professional guitar makers around.
Hood Finishing Products -- Nitro and Water borne schedules
Finger-board fret slotting templates
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Binding Machine video demo
NEW - Router binding attachment for  
"bearing guided bits"

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