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KMG "Success Kit"
Prepare the rim for Binding Channels
Preparing the completed guitar body for binding channels requires the use of perfectly flat
sanding blocks approximately 2x4x3/4” at this point covering them with 100 and 150 grit
paper will provide a fine enough finish. A flat scraper blade is also a good choice for those
with the required skills
To deal with the waist curve properly two special sanding tools are helpful. The first is
made from a piece of flexible Mylar material. An inexpensive throw away cutting board
from the “$ Dollar Store” works well. Simply cut off a piece approximately 3”x8” cut a piece
of sand paper the same size. Glue the paper to the Mylar with  “3M 77” adhesive.
Another handy sanding tool can be fabricated from a short piece of PVC pipe covered
with different grits of sand paper.
The job at hand here is very straightforward. The side bending operation, almost always
causes the thin wood used for the sides to develop minor waves or depressions running
with the grain. These defects, if not removed, remain invisible until the finish is applied
and the leveling process begins. If the waves/ripples are severe the tracking of the
binding router guide can also be affected. So --- now is the time to get the rim perfectly
flat edge to edge. As you begin sanding the high and low spot will be very evident. The
job becomes more challenging as you progress. Close examination visually and with your
fingers will reveal the low spots. Remember, “do not sand the low spots”, (that makes
things worse) but rather sand away all the material that is high – this is an important
concept to follow when leveling a surface.
KMG "Success Kit"
Understanding how to route Binding Channels
and why standard tools will not work