Kenneth Michael Guitars LLC
Binding Scraper
This a 1” Red Devil paint scraper that
will function exceptionally well as a
binding scraper when properly
I bind my guitars with wood but I am sure this scraper will work equally as well
with plastic. Most of the time it is necessary to hold the tool at a slight angle and
also test to see if you are working with the grain.  No Chatter.
I sharpen mine using my 1” belt
sander. A file or sanding block will also
work. Work the outside edge to a 45
degree angle as straight across as
To prevent gouging the area near the
surface to be scraped it is necessary
to knock off the corners off the blade.
Last, using a fine diamond file gently
remove the burr on the inside of the
blade. The resulting cutting edge will
be razor sharp. I have found that the
working angle of the tools is very
effective. This may be the most useful
tool in my shop.