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"Mega Mold /  Universal Contour Fixture"©   
The KMG “Mega Mold/ Universal Contour Fixture©”  represents a break through for the
custom hobby builder and the small Luthier shop. This device easily crafts a perfect
radius contour to any style guitar rim. It comes equipped with a 15’  “Radius Abrasive
Bar©”, additional custom radius bars are available at a reasonable cost.  For those who
wish to use tiheir current outside molds the “Universal Contour Fixture©” is offered as a
stand-alone device. All the components are machine using our CNC routers and it is
constructed of superior quality materials.
The neck block to tail block taper is precisely set using the height adjusters and the
abrasive bar in the upside down position. The spindle center can also be adjusted to
place the arc in the desired location.
The properly constructed rim will have
the neck and tail block proud of the
sides so that they can be trimmed and
still allow full contact when the back is
glued in place. Using the “Radius
Abrasive Bar©” in the normal position
mark the contour on the neck and tail
With the general contour delineated
use a block plane to shave of the bulk
of the excess material. Be careful not
to remove too much material.
Now, work the bar in a back and forth
motion on the neck and tail blocks,
applying downward pressure
The 80 grit paper on the “Radius Abrasive Bar©” is very aggressive the
blocks will be perfectly contoured in no time.
Once the blocks have the proper contour
the rest of the rim and kerfing bevels can
be sanded to shape by rotating the
“Radius Abrasive Bar©” in half circles
around the rim.  
That’s  it!    A perfectly
contoured rim in your choice of radius in a
matter of minutes..
The stand-alone “Universal Contour Fixture©” works exactly the same way
using your out side mold. Our “Vera Form” post molds work great too!
KMG “Stand Alone Universal Contour Fixture©”
Go here  Fixture assembly instructions
Take the mystery out of the Neck Set angle. Creating the perfect
slope angle on the top of the rim using the Mega Mold system is just
as easy go
HERE for instructions.
Go HERE to see how to create PERFECT side profile templates
To Purchase KMG products click here
To Purchase KMG products click here