If you have not done so already, I cordially invite you to register at Acoustic Guitar
Construction Forum   you are sure to meet the most helpful amateur and professional guitar
makers around. Some have completed 6 or more KMG Kits and many have used our kits to
help launched their life long luthier hobby or business with the KMG kit serving as the
foundation for accurate, efficient construction methodology.
     Success Kit Package  Overview

        Subject to change without notice

Our Standard Premium Rosewood Guitar only kit is about $465. If you are doing price
comparisons please note that our kits include tuners. The full-blown East Indian Rosewood  
"Success Kits Complete Package" OM/000 --  "D" --- M/J  (specs below) and others on
special request --
These packages include the essential fixtures, tools etc. and cost
about $765
-------(this is the very best kit choice anywhere for the new comer). The
Ohio based supplier's recommended tooling package is about $1100 (no guitar!!!) and you
still don't get an assembly mold!  KMG specs can be found below.  There is a  "Deep Body
Option"  available on the OM, adding approximately 1/4 inch, most players perceive slightly
more volume and slightly more bass response
Our product line incorporates most the design features of the Martin and Gibson guitars
plus subtle variations that make them easier for the shop builder to assemble. While not
available in our “Success Kit package “configuration we do offer many other kit styles
including Gibson J-200, J-45, L00. Of course we have an assortment of matching molds and
assembly devices to make the process easy, enjoyable and stress free.

The quality of our kits meets or exceeds the two major suppliers and we leave the authorized
and unauthorized Martin kit sellers in the dust. KMG does processing of  tops, backs sides,
bracing, necks, finger boards and almost all other components. We would caution that those
EBay kits can be a real nightmare, and a careful, thoughtful read of the listings will even
warn you of that fact. We do not use any of the "fake" wood components.

Be aware that neither LMII or the Ohio based kit supplier profiles the back edge of the rim –
you are on your own!  Our sides are profiled with layout markings, which makes loading the
mold, positioning components and contouring the edges much easier and more accurate.
Also note that we use the repeatable factory procedure for establishing the critical neck set
angle -- using angled sticks or even a radius dish suggested by others are "hit and miss"
approaches at best.

We produce paddle and slotted Martin and Gibson style necks, laminated multi-wood necks
are also available at extra cost. Unlike the factory second necks most often found in other
guitar kits. Ours are
designed with the kit builder in mind
Our assembly
manual is thought by many to be the best, most comprehensive construction
method available today -- even for scratch built guitars! The free
manual is available on-line.
So that you can have the very best likelihood of building a fine guitar our process uses
methods similar to those seen at the Martin and Taylor factories.

Shipping costs depend on your location and carton weights. The tuning machines are KMG
(imports like all the rest), we do not carry any other brand. Take a look at the specs below --
We can up grade most anything. Renewable woods are available as well. The standard
bindings are Pre-bent Maple. Rosette is Rosewood veneer trimmed with Ebony and Holly.
Our soundboard supplier is the same as Taylor’s  -- very nice. Since sound quality is the
real issue, we tap and evaluate them after they are thinned if I don't get a real good ring
tone they become reinforcement material.

You will find a wealth of information at the KMG web site, also take some time to read the
Success Kit assembly
manual. The information on our website and the design of our kits is
the result of research and testing. My background is Industrial Engineering, specifically
"Best Practice Engineering" So rather than presenting a process based on how we were
"able to or managed to struggle" through a guitar build, my approach is to present an
"excellent" accurate and repeatable way to build a guitar. To that end, the two most highly
successful Guitar producers in the world (Martin and Taylor) provided the basis for much of
the KMG methodology and processes. I have put an abundance of information and process
logic out there, the idea being the "KMG Success Kit" is pretty much a luthier apprentice
course as well. To me its ludicrous that a kit supplier would tell the potential customer to go
out and buy some books to figure out how to assemble their
"Box O' Parts"
Of course you can purchase all our special tools and fixtures separately, if you prefer not to
buy the complete package.

Feel free to contact us -- since almost every kit is packaged to order we expect plenty
of questions.  

     KMG Basic “Success Guitar Kit” ©
                     OM/000 Style
Subject to change without notice

If you are doing price comparisons please note that our kits include tuners and
choice of black or white fiber bindings -- no plastic

East Indian Rosewood Back --- sanded, joined and profile cut, brace locations marked

East Indian Rosewood Sides --- sanded, precision contoured profile, precision bent   using   
waist curve reference marks

Bindings -- choice of White or Black fiber -- no plastic
contrasting  wood bindings + $25   

Maple Tail Wedge

B-W-B-W-B    Purfling

Sitka Spruce top -- Sanded, joined, brace locations marked - sound hole is cut – profile cut

Rosette channels routed  

Rosewood trimmed with Holly/Ebony

Spruce bracing/reinforcement materials – sized, top scallops drawn, glue surface

Traditional triangular kerfing

Rosewood  bridge plate

Bridge – To improve tone and volume we supply a “light weight” East Indian Rosewood Dyed
Ebony black or left natural – A study of the great Classical guitar builders reveals that it is
very rare to see a heavy Ebony bridge on a guitar built to be played by a master guitarist ----
optional extra cost Ebony and Pyramid style also available.

Bridge pins  Black w/dot -- Plastic

Bone saddle

Neck Block – KMG Adjustable Mahogany/Spruce/Spanish Cedar/Matching side hardwood

Tail Block --- Baltic Birch Plywood

Neck – KMG "True" Bolt on M/T Mahogany, Cherry, Black Walnut -- custom and laminated
extra cost option available

Martin style truss rods

Rosewood heel cap material

Rosewood headstock veneer

Ebony fingerboard over-size – contour, slotted  dots and side marker material included

Fret wire – standard size

Fingerboard pearl dots and plastic side markers (6mm Martin pattern)

Bone nut

KMG tuners

     KMG Basic “Success Guitar Kit” ©
Luthier's specialty items INCLUDED in tool package
             "D"    "OM/000"    "M/J"    Styles

 Subject to change without notice

KMG Pro style outside mold “Masterworks” kit

KMG Pro style top and back clamping caul - kit

Interior mold adjustable height spacers - kit

3 Pro style deep throat
cam clamps kits

Rim waist clamp

15' radius contour sanding bar kit

KMG fingerboard simulator tool

Specialty drill bit  #54  

Trim router IA binding attachment kit – binding, purflings

Tuner hole drill template

Bridge Setter tool

KMG SS Bridge clamp

    Required builder supplied items
   KMG Basic “Success Guitar Kit” ©

Subject to change without notice

24" x 24" x 3/4" flat MDF or Plywood for work board -- cut to slightly oversize profile
36 – 2 ½” deck screws                                                            
40 -- #6 x 1” pan head sheet metal screws
½ lb 1 ½” finish nails
4 – 4” C-clamps
4 – 6” Bar clamps
6” length 2 “ diameter PVC pipe
Masking tape – 3M Green   3M Blue
12” x 12” piece of felt
50 – spring type clothes pins
# 32 and # 64 rubber bands
1 package 3 x 5 cards
Tack hammer
Small block plane
Trim router – should have rack and pinion adjuster  – Grizzly HD
Small portable electric drill
2” sanding drum and assorted grit sleeves
Course grit flapper wheel
3/16” drill bit
1/4” wood chisel
Fine grit diamond file
¼ “ rat tail file
Dual grit wood rasp
Mini hobby file set
Exacto razor saw – fine blade
Exacto razor saw miter box
Exacto knife regular blade
12” -- 30/60 drafting triangle
Titebond Original glue
Thin CA glue (super glue)
3M 77 Spray glue
MDF scrap for sanding blocks
Saber saw,  jig saw or coping saw
Kenneth Michael Guitars strives to not only provide high quality materials, but perhaps more
importantly a Guitar kit that can actually be assembled in a reasonable amount of time and
will yield a fine playable instrument. We have taken the mystery, myth and hype out of the,
top, back and rim contouring requirements and processing (yes ours are like Martin and
Gibson). The neck set angle and even the dreaded binding channel routing process and
tooling are addressed in a simple comprehensive manner. There is no other guitar kit
available that compares.
Kenneth Michael Guitars est.1978
KMG offers the easiest to assemble Martin and Gibson style acoustic guitar kits available.
No need to purchase additional books, do endless Internet searches, or sit and watch
confusing, sometimes  tacky, self serving DVD's or youtube videos trying to figure out what
information actually applies to what kit.
The engineered KMG kit and our on-line
instruction manual are all that you will need.
The one stop supplier for the best acoustic guitar kits on the planet!

Some have been highly customized
OM 00014
0012 Rosewood
J-45 Peruvian Walnut
J-200 Curly Maple
Ditson 12th Fret "D"
Standard Gibson Abalone Rosette
Sample gallery of  KMG kits
OM Rosewood
L00 Rosewood
12th fret Ditson "D"
Walnut/Maple "D35"
OM Cedar  Rosewood
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contact us
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To place a guitar kit order
OMV Rosewood Herringbone
D18 Herringbone
0014 Curly Maple
J-45  Curly Walnut
0012 Curly Walnut
0014 Rosewood
0012 Rosewood Englemann
0000 - "J"   Rosewood
J 200 Rosewood Sitka
     J 200 Curly Maple
Customer supplied Adi Sound board