Kenneth Michael Guitars, LLC
KMG "Success Kit" ™
Construction manual
"000" Deep Body Sound Clips
Masterwork mold assembly instructions
Cam Clamp Assembly assembly instructions
Rim Assembly Part 1 -- The Foundation is where "Success" Begins
Rim Assembly Part 2  -- The "Missing step" machining the neck angle
Rim Assembly Part 3 -- Matching the Rim and Back Contours
Top Assembly Part 1 -- Preparing the bracing
Top Assembly Part 2 -- Placement and Gluing of the bracing
Top Assembly Part 3 -- Creating the perfect match for the Rim
Trimming the Top or Back flush to the Rim
Trimming Truss Rod Slot in the Top
Back Assembly -- Preparing and Gluing the Bracing
Gluing the Back to the Rim
Installing the Decorative Rim Wedge
Routing Binding Channels -- Preparation of the Rim
Routing Binding Channels -- Understanding the task at hand
Routing Binding Channels -- Workspace, Set-up, Execution
Installing the bindings
Neck Prep & Assembly
Finger Board -- Tapering and Fretting
"000" Deep body
oval soundhole
"000" standard body
Fret Dressing and Essential Tools
Preparing the Bridge - Important Modifications
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Installing the Rosette
Shaping the nut
Tweak the neck fit BEFORE routing the TOP EDGE binding channels
The compensated saddle
Warning do not remove the neck joint mortise cap
until the back binding channels have been routed
Removing the neck mortise cap
Many Martin and Gibson styles available please contact us for details and pricing