Kenneth Michael Guitars est.1978
KMG "Success Kit"
Opening the Neck Mortise
DO NOT CLEAR THE NECK MORTISE until the BACK binding channel has been routed.
Otherwise we cannot to use the entire width height of the rim as a guide during routing
A utility knife or razor saw is used to trim the top back to the neck mortise. Make several
light passes to prevent chip out.
A razor saw is a good choice for cutting the side material, work down the making ¼” cuts.
To clear the way for the saw blade reinforcement simply break off the material as you go.
Trim the material from both sides of the mortise. Use the razor saw to cut slits at the
rounded bottom section of the mortise. The chips will break off easily. Smooth out the
your cuts with small files or sanding sticks. Work carefully -- DO NOT ENLARGE THE
MORTISE IN THE NECK BLOCK it’s important to maintain a precision fit of the mortise and
neck tenon.
However every speck of interference must be removed
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