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"IA Binding Router attachment"©    Instructions
We are pleased to offer our recently re-designed “IA Binding Router”©. Attachment" the
package includes our exclusive infinitely adjustable guide. This space saving device is
designed to provide an alternative to our bench top system for those who already own
a trim router. It incorporates many of the user-friendly features including the captured
bit vertical guide. The
NEW STYLE base is a Taylor factory work alike, it rests on the
perimeter of the guitar and will accurately follow the top and back contours.
flexible foot gently applies pressure on the top or back to help keep the
router motor vertical.
Remove the wing nuts, washers and the sliding
guide from the “IABR” base. Install a 1/4"
router bit or 1/4" drill into the collect of your
router  --- usually it will bottom out in the
spindle. Place the “IABR” base over the spiral
bit. One side of the router base will be more
open then the other to provide clearance to
tighten the collect. The “IABR” should be
attached to the open side of the router base.
The “IABR” base should be squared up with the router base if it is rectangular. If it is round
use the router base mounting screws as an alignment guide. The binding attachment does
not have to be absolutely square, just make sure bit turns freely in the  “IABR” hole. Clamp
in place than drill two holes through the  “IABR” base and the router base. Complete the
assembly with the screws, washers and nuts provide. Re-install the guide and secure with
washers and wing nuts.
To adjust the depth of the binding/
purfling cut simply hold a piece of the
binding on the guide, match the
outside edge of the spiral bit to the
thickness of the binding then tighten
the two wing nuts. When routing a top I
recommend doing the purfling cut first.
Tape or glue a piece of purfling to the
binding then adjust the guide the same
as described above.
Adjust the height of the cut by
loosening the router base and
matching the bit exposure with the
height of the binding or purfling.
Tighten the base. Make some sample
cuts in scrap material to check your  
Using the “IABR” is very straightforward. With this device the two problems
encountered with a stock routers are eliminated. The base of the “IABR” rides on the
very outside edge of the guitar top or bottom thus averaging the cuts along the
contours neutralizing the change in cutter angle caused by the back or top radius.
The extra long perpendicular guide allows the tool to glide along the rim at the proper
Make some dry runs around the guitar with the cutter bit retracted to determine if the
foot has the proper contour. The foot can be customized by adding a gentle and also
rounding off the outer edges of the foot.
As with any operation requiring the use of a hand held router --- the work
piece must be positively secured to the worktable.
We use either our Multi-Style
mold or single purpose post mold to accomplish this stabilization. The “IABR” is very
forgiving but a moving target will cause problems. We make three light passes to
complete the channels. When making the cuts think in terms of keeping both outside
edges of the guide up against the sides of the rim --- in other words the base of the tool
will be perpendicular to the cord of the various curves of the guitar. After the first few
cuts this is automatic and will become second nature
Please read this first

Understanding how to route Binding
Channels and why standard tools will
not work
Go here for recommended  work space setup, execution  and practice procedures.
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