Kenneth Michael Guitars est.1978
Handy Gadgets
I like to think that I experiment with different methods due to my Engineering background
--- most would say I am trying to avoid real work. At any rate, the following are few items
that I have found that improve results at the same time increase efficiency.
When I saw old Bob Villa advertise this Craftsman sander on TV my thoughts were
“here comes gadget city”. I did not think very much of the concept. To my surprise not
long after it’s introduction I received one as a gift.
As it turns out the design is exactly what we guitar builders need. The rotary action and
the ability to follow contours (arched top and backs) without gouging make it an ideal
Luthier’s tool. The grits can be changed so it can be aggressive or gentle. It looks
underpowered but since it is geared that is not a problem.
This item is called a “pen sander” I have found it indispensable for getting into tight
locations. It operates off of 12 volts – I use an old computer power supply. A large
battery or an auto battery charger will also work well. It has interchangeable different
shaped platens and an assortment of paper. I cut my own from adhesive backed 4x4
Last in this little series is a tiny cutoff saw from none other than Harbor Freight. Wow!
What a time saver, all the stuff I once did with and Exacto razor saw I do now with this
tool. It has a neat miter set-up that adds to the versatility. I am not sure how long the
blade will stay sharp but it cuts wood, bone, Corian, fret wire --- you name it. Best of all
sometimes they are available for $20 Bucks!!! A word of caution --- the blade is
exposed so one could mindlessly stick their fingers in the cutting area, so be careful