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KMG "Success Kit" Cutting the Truss rod Slot in the Top
In order to provide clearance for the
truss rod-adjusting nut, a slot needs to
be cut in the top. This slot also
intersects the flat 1/8” top brace. The
fit of the nut and the top is very close
so care must be taken to insure
smooth operation of the truss rod.
The dimensions of the slot should be drawn on the top using the center joint as a
reference. It is 2 ½” long starting from the edge of the rim and ½” wide. The slot is
slightly wider in the location of the neck block. This area can vary slightly and can be
trimmed to match the neck block.
To aide in making a clean cut through the thin top brace a few tiny holes should be
drilled from the topside through the soundboard. Start at the corners; drill a few holes
on each edge toward the neck block.
Use a utility knife to score the slot from the inside.
Chamfering the edge of each side of the thin top brace makes a little extra clearance
for nut.
A razor saw and a straight edge can be used to make the cuts on the topside of the
Since fingerboard extension area does not get any finish, it’s a good idea to seal the
end grain of the thin top brace with CA (Super Glue) to help prevent warping.
KMG "Success Kit" Back assembly
Most of our kits have the shorter rod and do not need the extended cut-out