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KMG "Success Kit" Install Decorative Rim Wedge
Included in each KMG kit is a decorative
wedge designed to cover the butt joint at the
intersection of the side at the lower bout.
Whether made of plastic or wood, the
installation process is essentially the same.

The wood wedge must be sanded smooth to
remove machining burrs and to square the
edges to provide a flush fitting joint with the
wedge channel. The shape of this trim
makes for a rather simple inlay operation.
However, the following precautions must be
observed: The thickness of the wedge must
be LESS than the thickness of the bindings,
otherwise the bindings will not cover end of
the wedge when viewed from the back of the
guitar. As mentioned above the edges of the
wedge must be square, in addition the sides
of the inlay channel must be square or tilted
slightly inboard. When the wedge and rim
channel is prepared properly a very tight,
gap free intersection will result.
Mark the centerline on the inside surface of the wedge. Using the top and back
centerlines as guides, tape the wedge to the rim. Use a sharp pencil to mark each side of
the wedge location on the rim.
Use a straight edge and carefully
score the rim to the depth of the
wedge at each line. Take several
passes noting the cut must be
perpendicular or a slight inboard angle.
Use a narrow chisel to clear the
channel. Take very shallow cuts; keep
the blade at an angle to prevent
digging into the wood. Frequently
check the depth against the wedge
thickness. Working slowly will prevent
damage to the sides of the channel.
Smooth the inlay channel with a small
file or sanding stick. Check the fit of
the wedge, pushing the wedge tightly
into the channel should result in
perfect mating lines. When satisfied,
apply glue and reinstall the wedge. To
prevent warping a wood wedge do not
apply an excessive amount of
adhesive. Tap the wedge tight into the
channel and flush with the rim. Once
dry, the wedge can be trimmed even
with the to and back.
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